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DroneTech takes flight safety very seriously. You may consider your drone just a very cool toy, BUT did you know it is classed as an aircraft? Flying a drone is becoming more and more popular. Operating your drone outside the rules and regulations in NZ could potentially be dangerous and could lead to prosecution.  Following the CAA rules provides a safer sky for all.  Be safe and download the Airshare app below.

New Zealand Airspace Maps for Drone Pilots

Wondering where you can and can't fly your drone in New Zealand?



Here you’ll find the information you need to: learn how to operate your drone safely, plan your drone flights, request access to controlled airspace, download our mobile app and hire commercial drone operators.


Fly Your Drone The Right Way


  • Be considerate to others – Stay clear from private property and flying directly over people in public places. 
  • Be responsible –  Drone pilots should always follow CCA rules to keep people and their property safe 
  • Height and distance – Always keep below 120m and always operate your drone is line of sight, keep a safe distance from buildings and vehicles reducing the likelihood of collissions
  • Know the No Fly Zones – Drones aren’t allowed to fly within 4km of an Airport or Helipad ie. Hospitals or aerodromes

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Flight Training