SplashDrone 3PLUS Profish

With the new SplashDrone 3+ ProFish, you can now record your flight in 4K and use the payload release at the same time. Mounted on a 1-Axis Gimbal, Fisherman Pro comes with a water-resistant camera and payload release.


Striking New Colour Scheme

Extended Flight Times

New Smooth+ Controls

Payload release with a camera!

With the ability for Splashdrone to lift up to 1kg of dead-weight, the Splashdrone 3 PLUS is able to carry multiple baits on a “mini long-line” & get your bait over the strike-zone quickly and easily.

The Live Video Feed to your remote control lets you see where you are dropping your bait or lure, over a work-up, over a channel, beside a reef.  Set your bait perfectly around bottom structure or fish activity every time!

The 4K camera is stabilized by 4 rubber damping balls, ensuring the recording of steady footage while carrying and dropping a payload. It is very simple to use, you can tilt the camera from the remote controller to view what’s in front of the drone, and also where your items are to be dropped. This is very convenient, especially during rescue or life-saving operations, and this is happening in real time with live video back to the FPV screen which is in the palm of your hands.

Most Advanced SplashDrone

Thanks to its newest flight controller splash drone is more stable than ever.

its brand new propulsion system with the new custom 620KV motors gives you the perfect balance between power and efficiency

with its advanced modular design, it can quickly adapt to all types of missions from aerial filming to search and rescue, ocean survey, fishing and several others.

*The Splash drone 3 PLUS Fisherman, Profish & PRO models are water resistant, which means they will resist the entry of water to an IPX4 level.  For technical reasons, these models are not completely sealed or 100% waterproof & therefore are not meant to be submerged under water. If the Splashdrone comes in contact with saltwater, the user is advised to wash any saltwater off with fresh water.  It is always important to remove any excess moisture from inside the drone immediately following a flight. 
Please note that the controller is NOT water-resistant or waterproof.