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Bullet Fishing Drone Braid Winch

Original price $1,199.00 - Original price $1,699.00
Original price
$1,199.00 - $1,699.00
Current price $1,199.00
Style: Winch Only

This winch replaces an electric reel, rod, and battery. This is an all in one unit, weighing in at just 6.5kg with the line and battery. 

The Bullet Fishing braid drone winch can be operated single handed when using a gimbal belt or beach spike. This is ideal for any fishing drone, from the smaller Drones all the way through to the bigger drones like the Gannet Max 



  • Aluminum Winch Drum
  • Aluminium Frame 
  • Stainless steel fittings 
  • Gear Ratio 25:1 
  • Output: 150W
  • Voltage 12VDC