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DJI Osmo Action Mounting Kit (Part 11)

by DJI
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$39.00 - $39.00
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The Osmo Action Mounting Kit is made of high-quality and durable SUS 303 stainless steel that mounts to a variety of platforms.

Product Description

Made of SUS 303 stainless steel, this accessory is corrosion-resistant, sturdy, and durable, allowing you to mount Osmo Action to a variety of platforms.
The pivot arm allows you to turn Osmo Action's mounting position 90° for expanded shooting options. These convenient mounts allow you to attach Osmo Action to a wide variety of sporting equipment such as skateboards, bikes, helmets, and more.



A high-quality and durable accessory that mounts to a variety of platforms.
Turns Osmo Action's mounted position 90°.
Attach Osmo Action to flat or curved surfaces for expanded shooting options.



Osmo Action

Product Specifications


Osmo Action Pivot Arm 
Size:13.3 × 15.7 × 46.1mm
Osmo Action 1/4-inch Screw Adapter:
Size:29.6 × 29.6 × 26.8mm
Osmo Action Locking Screw:
Size:23 × 13 × 55mm
Osmo Action Quick-Release Base:
Diameter × Height: 35 × 26 mm
Weight: 10.5 g
Osmo Action Flat Adhesive Mount:
Diameter × Height: 42.5 × 12.5 mm
Weight: 8.8 g
Osmo Action Curved Adhesive Mount:
Size: 42 × 27 × 13 mm
Weight: 11.2 g