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Drone Sprayer 60L

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FD-8R-60L Drone Sprayer

FD-8R-60L drone sprayer is Flydragon UAV  company's new agriculture drone for 2021, foldable design easy to delivery FD-8R-60L drone sprayer max takeoff weight is 90KG, payload 60L, flight time is 20 minutes, effective working area is 6 acres each flight with 2 pieces 14S 30000mah


Size: 2000*2000*730(Unfold State)
        1000*850*750(Fold State)
Tank: 30L×2
Weight: 22kg
Max take off weight:90kg
Flight time: 20 minutes(90kg payload)

Control distance: 3KM                                                                       


Work efficience: 6 acres/flight


1. make plan on softwar&ground station full automatic fly      

2. Low power or lost single Auto return  

3.Terrain following  radar suit for any topography 

4. Break point continue to spray