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HERCULES H-4 Industrial Drone

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The Hercules series of professional drones is handcrafted in the USA. All Hercules series drone come equipped with dual GPS systems and the Challenger Aerospace Autopilot with secure down link. Standard is our, “Locked-in-Load Secure Payload System™”. Quick interchangeable mount system to change the function of the drone easily, simply by slide and go.

The airframes are made of lightweight materials, such as carbon fiber and aircraft-grade aluminum. It is sealed tightly to protect the power system from fire, water and dust which makes the drone meet the demand of three proofing: Fireproof, Rainproof and Dustproof. They are built to last!

Carbon Fiber Frame
Empty Weight with batteries: 10.12 kg
Max Takeoff Weight: 21.46 kg
Propulsion: 4 x motors
Auto Pilot Challenger
Max speed: 18 M/S
Ceiling: 4500 meters
Payload: 11.34 kg