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LIVALL MT1 Cycling Helmet

by Livall

Bling Helmet MT1



Head circumference 54-58cm/58-62cm

Bicycle, Skateboard, Roller Skating, Hoverboard, etc.

Product Description

Upgraded smart security system

The LED warning light and flashing lights are crucial for giving warnings and, improve the probability of being seen, greatly improving the safety.

Barrier free communication

One touch phone taking. 

Communicate while riding with easy cooperation between teammates.

#Connection to Livall App through the internet is required(which causes some telecommunication cost) to realize this function.#

In the name of sports

Dynamic outlook and excellent coating present a fine rural scene on the move.

SOS Alert

Immediate notification of your accident to your family is exceptionally important. 

#Connection to Livall App through the internet is required(which causes some telecommunication cost) to realize this function. #

Formfitting design at the rear

We’ve strengthened protection for the back of the head to prevent injuries if you fall off, greatly improving the safety coefficient.

21 vents air flow

The unique ventilation design based on aerodynamics effectively improves air cooling, reduces wind resistance.  

Detachable Helmet Rim

The helmet comes with a rim that protects against tree branches, prevents water from getting into your eyes, and shields you from strong direct sunlight. 

Integral molding

Constructed through unibody molding with imported American EPS foam and high quality polycarbonate. 

A lighter helmet with better protection.

The Nylon strap, with reliable stretching resistance, will not be distorted by water or sweat.


Product Specifications



Smart Lighting、Hands-Free Phone、Quality Stereo Music、SOS Alert、Walkie-Talkie



Color                             Bright surface with black & red color、Bright surface with black & grey

Weight                          310g(±5%) American version

                                     310g European version

                                     310g(±5%) Australian version

Head circumference       M:54-58cm L:58-62cm
Vents                             21


Electrical Parameter       DC 5V/0.5A
Battery Capacity            3.7V/450mAh
Charging Time               Approx. 3hrs
Battery Endurance        10hrs(Default lights),3-6hrs(Music+Default lights)
Charging Type             Micro USB
Bluetooth                      BLE4.0+BT4.1 Max. 10m if no blocks
Speaker                         0.5WX2\
Mic                                -39dB