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Dronetech IS OPEN WECOME TO 2022

Splashdrone 3+ Balance charger for LiHV Battery

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$199.00 - $199.00
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  • Special design for SplashDrone 3+ LiHV drone batteries and LiPo batteries for the Splash- Drone 3+ remote controller.
  • Fast charging &easy to use
  • 12-months warranty
Product Description


Charging non-LiHV, low voltage LiPo drone batteries (including the batteries for the older SplashDrone 3) with the LiHV charger is dangerous and may cause the battery to catch fire or explode.


Product Specifications
  • Input AC 100-240V; DC output 11V-18V
  • Output power 100W
  • Battery types LiPo LiHV
  • Charging current 2-10A
  • Discharge power 5W
  • Battery numbers LiPo-2S、LiHV-4S
  • Balance current 400mA/cell
  • Input correction Overcurrent
  • Output protection Overvoltage; undervoltage; short circuit; overheating; reverse connection
  • Working temperature 5-45°C
  • Size130*115*61mm
  • Weight 380g