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Zoopa Nova Long Range Sunflower Electric Moped - 80km Range

by ZoopaNZ
The Zoopa Nova Long Range includes the same great features as the Zoopa Nova
but features a larger battery giving you 80km on a single charge.
This good-sized bike gets you to work, the bus or train, the gym, Uni or the café in comfort and style and is designed with a modern, environmentally conscious rider in mind. 
  • Travel 80km +/- 5km on a full battery
  • 5–6 hour charge time (that's just $1 for a full charge)
  • Simply plugs into any standard power point (at home or office)
  • 2.88kWh LG lithium ion battery (72V 40ah)
  • Powerful 3000 Watt brushless hub motor
  • 165Nm of torque
  • USB plug point to charge your devices
  • Incredible torque will leave petrol mopeds in your dust!
  • Remote control keyless start
  • Anti theft alarm
  • ”Find my scooter” sound locator
  • Hazard lights
  • 35W Led headlamp (with high/ low beam)

* Top box not included (sold separately)